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This page is a quick reference area for all the costumes I have made. Each of the costumes have more pictures and a description of the construction process on their individual pages which can be accessed through the "Completed" link in the header. Enjoy!

Created in 2008:

Striped Sun Dress

Created in 2007:

Braided Tank top

Babydoll dress

Girl's Medieval Dress

Yellow Skirt

Created in 2006:

River Tam

Elizabeth Island Shift

Red Pirate Skirt

Budget Superman

Elizabethan Corset

Susan Archery Dress

Red Floral Dress


Created 2005:

Eowyn Green Dress

Arwen Coronaion

Farawyn Dress

Boy Medieval Outfit


Violet Baudelaire

Costumes created in 2003/2004:

Generic Green Dress

Rosie Cotton End Dress

Black Cloak

Eowyn Shieldmaiden